Fairground Bumper Cars
A Fully-upgraded Bumper Cars
Running time: 12:00:00
Level 1
Starting gives: Thrill Points 60
Boosting gives: Thrill Points 30
Popularity: Popularity 20
Level 2
Starting gives: Thrill Points 84
Boosting gives: Thrill Points 42
Popularity: Popularity 28
Level 3
Starting gives: Thrill Points 120
Boosting gives: Thrill Points 60
Popularity: Popularity 40
Level 4
Starting gives: Thrill Points 168
Boosting gives: Thrill Points 84
Popularity: Popularity 56
Level 5
Starting gives: Thrill Points 240
Boosting gives: Thrill Points 120
Popularity: Popularity 80

The Bumper Cars is a Fairground attraction.

Construction Needed

After placing the Bumper Cars, some materials are needed to finish the attraction. Click here to see the "Attraction Upgrade Costs" of the Attractions.

Repair Cost

To be added.


Level 1

  1. BumperCars1

Level 2

Level 3-5


A Bumper Cars ride on level 3-5

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