The Cupid's Revenge is a special attraction in CoasterVille for the Valentine's Day '13.


The Cupid's Revenge (when placed, your popularity count will add) can be boost every 56 hours. By boosting you may get Thrill Points and some (?).

Requirements Free
Cost Free
Sell ?

Construction Needed

After placing the Cupid's Revenge, some materials are needed to finish the Attraction.

Progress 1 Progress 2 Progress 3 Progress 4 Progress 5
2900 Coins ? ? 4 Heart Cage 8 Gears
5 Fluorescent Tubes ? ? ? 4 Breath Mints
450 Goods ? ? ? Coins
2900 Thrill Points ? ? ?


Thrill Points

Thrill Points +960 every 56 hours
Popularity +280

Boosting May Get:
Chance Reward
Balloon Heart Thrill Points
? ?

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