Chapter# Goal Task Reward
1 Once Upon A Time
  • Place the Majestic Castle.
  • 120 Coins
  • 120 Thrill Points
2 Princess Power
  • Build a Princess Tower Attraction.
  • Place 2 Fantasy Decorations.
  • Raise your park's Popularity to 220 to get them coming in!
  • 240 Coins
  • 5 Hospitality
Strange Brew
  • Have 1 Potion Shop for guest to brew in.
  • Get 3 Mysterious Elixirs for potions
  • Collect 80 Coins.
(Not yet added)
Wizardry 101
  • Have 1 thrilling Wizard's Tower
  • Boost the Wizard's Tower 3 times to see how thrilling it can be!
(Not yet added)

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